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Are you ready for your closet audit?

Closet audit - messy closet

In simple terms, a closet edit or audit is a way to rid your closet of things that are dated, don’t fit or are unflattering to your bodies’ silhouette. An image consultant will work with you to review each item in your closet, piece by piece and leave only those items that make you look

The Color Connection

Color wheel

Have you ever wondered why police officers wear blue or nuns wear black? Or why purple and red are colors of royalty and passion, while white and yellow denote innocence and cheer? Why do certain public figures choose a particular color to represent their image? Colors impact our moods and subconsciously evoke feelings of calm,

Communicating with heart: Tips to sharing your brand with passion

Leaders lead with heart

More and more employees are looking for meaning in their work lives. They want to understand how the work they do as a “cog” fits in with the overall work of the wheel. They share their desire to find a company with a commitment to the community and a sense of corporate responsibility. A company

I Hopped on the Being Mary Jane Tour

My mini mani (thanks to Ria at Diamond Diva Nails North Miami)

If you missed it, the Being Mary Jane Holiday Glam Tour came through South Florida on Friday, January 3 bringing with a taste of the show’s glitz and glamour. Staged at the Westfield Mall in Plantation, Florida, ladies were treated to mini manicures and a sneak peak at the show’s new season which will air on Tuesday, January 7 at 10 p.m. on BET.

Revlon Cosmetics focused on their nail collection – fashion’s new and now “it” accessory – showcasing their holiday nail collection and introducing some brighter shades for Spring 2014 at their mini nail bar. Ladies received giveaways to paper their nails on-the-go and Revlon’s newest lip colors and shadows.

The Thursday Thing I Love: Pure of Heart Clothing!


I would love to spend more of my time in designer digs and four inch heels. But that’s not conducive to attending my son’s baseball {although Victoria Beckham did it quite well}. So I am always on the hunt for chic, comfy clothing. I found it! Let me introduce you to Pure of Heart Clothing,